Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
A. post B. busy C. swim D. spacious
A. best B. text C. exist D. letter
A. commune B. punctuality C. communication D. distribution
A. express B. recipient C. secure D. messenger
A. satisfaction B. facsimile C. punctuality D. spacious
A. noisy B. subscribe C. service D. graphics
A transfer B. newspaper C. thousand D. relatives
A. equipped B. delivered C. transferred D. received
A. helps B. provides C. documents D. texts
A. stop B. post C. offer D. from
Circle the letter before the word that can be best replaced with the word(s) in italic.
11. Thanh Ba Post Office is equipped with advanced technology.
A. modern B. outdated C. fashionable D. beautiful
12. Thanh Ba Post Office has a spacious and pleasant front office.
A. cramped B. large and with a lot of space C. narrow D. safe
13. Our post office offers the best services with a well-trained staff.
A. rule B. impolite C. beautiful D. qualified
14. Your EMS mail will be delivered in the shortest possible time.
A. European Monetary System B. Enhanced Messaging Service
C. Express Mail Service D. Emergency Mail Service
15. Express Money Transfer is a speedy and secure service for transferring money in less than 24 hours.
A. fast and fixed B. fast and protected
C. slow and safe D. useful and confident
16. The Message Call Service helps you to notify the recipient of the time and place to receive the call.
A. see B. watch C. write D. tell
17. If you want your favorite newspapers to be delivered to your house early in the morning you should subscribe to them.
A. pay money B. write a letter C. make a call D. send e-mail
18. The staff of that post office are always thoughtful and courteous to customers.
A. kind and beautiful B. helpful and friendly
C. helpful and polite D. nice and arrogant
19. If you want to send a document and do not want to lose its original shape, send it by fax machine.
A. first B. changed C. modern D. good
20. You can save money if you send a parcel which is under 15 kg.
A. letter B. package C. box D. present

Choose the word or phrase A, B, C or D - that best completes the sentence.
21. The problem______ never occurred.
A. I hadn’t expected it B. that I had expected it
C. who I had expected D. I had expected
22. In 1850, Yale University established Sheffield Scientific School,_______.
A. engineers were educated there B where engineers were educated.
C. in which engineer educated D. where were engineers educated
23. It was the ragtime pianist Scott Joplin_______ the Maple Leaf Rag, perhaps the best known of all ragtime tunes.
A. wrote B. the writer of C. who wrote D. writing
24. A keystone Species is a species of plants and animals______ absence has a major effect on an ecological system.
A. that its B. its C. whose D. with its
25. William Samuel Johnson,________ helped write the Constitution, became the first president of Columbia College in 1187.
A. whom he had B. who had C. and he had D. had
26. My mother, ___________ , enjoys hill walking.
A. whom is in her seventies B. that is in her seventies
C. which is in her seventies D. who is in her seventies
27. She’s one of the kindest people________ I’ve ever known.
A. that B. whose
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